Whirlpool Pro Corporation is a primary client of mine at CBD Marketing. My work consists of digital and print content where I produce appealing layouts and concepts that drive response and increase interaction. I work with our Creative and Digital teams to effectively follow best practices and stay informed on the appliance and product industry, as well as relevant issues. 
On the left is an example of the Buyers specific audience emails. Within our Wave CRM Email series, I design 4 emails per month for the following audiences: General, Builders, Buyers, and Influencers. For each individual email, the imagery, layout, and copy, is altered to cater to their respective audiences in order to drive the most traffic to Whirlpool Pro's Trade Channel. The Trade Channel includes articles regarding the industry's news and events, blogs, videos, and online tools. Check out this email's insights below: 
Subject: 3 Trends in Homes for Over-55s
Preview text: Older adults hold 53% of US wealth — and they want new-build homes.
Open rate: 56%
Click rate: 5.4%
Insight on the Buyers audience: Buyers (builders) - purchase directly via contract or distributor for specific or future projects. The goal with this audience is to provide value to the builders in their roles by communicating building tips and trends and to communicate that we understand their pain points and aim to provide solutions for them. All of the above give builders the reasons to choose to contract with or purchase Whirlpool Corporation appliances (all brands).